How to upgrade Fedora Silverblue: rpm-ostree, Flatpak, and Toolbox

Upgrading Fedora Silverblue consists of three parts:

  1. Ostree
  2. Toolbox (Fedora container)
  3. Flatpak


In you current toolbox, type dnf history, to see, which RPM packages you have installed by dnf install. You can the use the ID for more information: dnf history info <ID> and a complete list of packages. Once starting the upgraded toolbox, you will have to use this list for installation of the wanted tools.

Upgrade Ostree (kernel, basic system)

ostree remote refs fedora | grep silverblue
rpm-ostree rebase fedora:fedora/36/x86_64/silverblue

For more info see Fedora’s page.

Upgrade flatpak apps

flatpak upgrade
flatpak uninstall --unused

Use new toolbox

Create a toolbox of the Fedora’s latest version:

toolbox create

You can specify, which container you want to enter by (here release 36):

toolbox enter --distro fedora --release f36 # Enter container (shell)
toolbox run --release f36 bash # Run specific command in a specific container

If you want to have VIM as default editor, the perform the following:

sudo dnf remove nano-default-editor
sudo dnf install -y vim-default-editor

Install all RPM packages you have got in the Preperation section.